German Security System provides premium quality theft and damage prevention for residential and commercial properties in Ghana. With diverse knowledge in security, GSS-Ghana has the ability and know-how to establish state of the art security service for your home and/or organisation.


The most advanced security system for your home,
office, warehouse and factory. 

Smart Home WiFi / GSM Security Hub

The heart of the security system is the Security Hub which comes with a large variety of sensors, alarms and the mobile app. 

WiFi Camera 720P with recording

The Security Hub can be upgraded with a security camera, which is connected via WiFi and can be controlled by your mobile.

2 x RFID Tag for PRO Series

RFID-Transponder can easily engage or disengage the alarm system in the house. It is water and dust resistant for longevity and mobility.

WiFi Syrene for PRO Series

Visible and invisible outdoor and indoor alarms can be added to the existing security system for additional safety.


Proven by many years of service, these alarm system comes with a vast range of vital extras to make your home secure.

GSM Wireless Alarm System

The touchscreen mainframe provides an easy overview of the entire security system, enabling advance plans for vacations, the usual working day and night. 

Total View 360 Degrees Sensor

This sensor is positioned in the middle of the room and provides total 360` coverage of any movement, unlike other monitors that only offer 90` - 120` coverage. 

Water, Gas or Glass Sensor

Several additional security sensors assist you in monitoring the house for flooding, gas leaks and broken glass in addition to motion and camera sensors.


Announce unwelcome guests, fire or even a serious injury at the press of a button. This will sound the alarm but also alert family and friends via the Mobile App.

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